Ella Mae Morse

A couple of weeks a go a friend sent me a picture, “Are you quite aware that you bear a STRIKING resemblance to Ella Mae Morse?!” And there was this picture.

We do look alike.  Maybe even a lot a like in this particular photo.

And, I’ve got to say, I do feel a connection with her.

Ella Mae Morse was from Mansfield, Texas. I’m from Winslow, Arizona.

I’ve probably talked about it before, how my fist job in high school was as a disc jockey at a small country radio station in Winslow.  KINO – Your Friend in the Country.  There was such a lonesomeness that sometimes went along with sitting out on the edge of town playing country records, but hearing a song I love like Ella Mae Morse singing “Cow Cow Boogie” is like an old friend.

My brother and I are ten years apart (and in many ways had different childhoods) but one thing that we share is that ten years after I worked at the radio station, so did he. One time he sent me a letter on the station’s letterhead and it said something about how most of his friends complained about smelling like french fries when they left work and he guessed we were lucky, because when he left work he smelled like dust and Willie Nelson and Hank Williams.

So, yeah, I’d say there’s a little bit of Ella Mae Morse in me somewhere, even though her scope went well beyond country music.  She has a star in the Hollywood sidewalk at 1724 Vine Street. So add this to my list – the next time I’m in Los Angeles, I’m going to check it out.

4 thoughts on “Ella Mae Morse

  1. “…we were lucky, because when he left work he smelled like dust and Willie Nelson and Hank Williams”
    Love that!

    So happy to have inspired this post! It was this youtube video that got me thinking about Ella in the first place and that’s how I found that pic…of you! 😉

    SAL XO

  2. That particular photo does bear a very stricking resemblance – also looking at the video of her singing, I thought she stricks a resemblance to that one photo we have of grandma when she was rodeo queen.

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