A Little Bird Told Me pays homage to the women in my family.  The genesis of the blog began when I found myself the matriarch at age 37 after my mother lost a battle with breast cancer.  The underlying question became – if I am to be the venerable “old” lady, if it’s my turn to carry the torch, then who the heck are these women that I represent?  I wanted a place to document my progress as I stumbled along trying to maintain certain traditions and responsibilities, meanwhile trying to create entirely new ones too.  The blog touches on food, parenting, memoir and my search to discover the stories and strengths of the past – What to carry with us into the future, and what to leave behind…

About Me: I like red lipstick, brightly colored clothing, a good book, eating, and spending time with my family.  I have a nice fella, a talented daughter, and a dad who bought a house down the street.  I have two masters degrees, one in journalism and one in library science.  I’ve spent a lot of time on the coasts – living in Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, CA – but now I make my home in Phoenix, AZ.

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